Academic Essay Writing Don'ts

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10 Nov 2010

Writing an essay is a compulsory component of educational process. While students don't usually enjoy in the idea of being obliged to make a paper, it is something that must be experienced with a view to pass your class. The bright side is once you understand the approaches you should stay away from while writing papers, the chore becomes less demoralizing and you, the author, can successfully get the job done with not much effort.

  1. Failing to spell-check. There is hardly anything more upsetting than getting the essay you put so much time in after verification only to find undesired comments over the whole paper. Verification, notably at time when your eyes is refreshed after a several hours of recreation, is exceptionally crucial.
  2. Failure to keep to the assigned page limit. Playing with font sizes and paper margins to grow more volume is a bad intention; professors are well-aware in such a secret better as compared to you.
  3. Delay. Teachers are fast to give assignment on paper and a good number of students are prone to dawdling to dive into this task, nevertheless delay of your essay is a important hazard. You will do much better if you crack the job into minor viable bits and complete one thing at a time. Not only will such practice make easier for you to retain a balance of all your activities and numerous projects, but it as well will make the assignment look like less overwhelming. In case you leave the main part of the writing till the last minute sooner than the deadline, there exists a high likelihood that the paper's research may be unfinished, format might be careless or the essay can easily have grammatical errors.
  4. Unofficial wording. You, the author, need to try your best to make sure that the phrasing throughout your essay is relevant to school language. Try not to apply shortened words or colloquialisms, and don't use slangy idioms. Try building different words to communicate your beliefs in more conventional manner.
  5. Shaky sources. If you rely on materials that are not really academic or can't supply reputable infomration, this fact could imperil the whole scoe on the paper. While fishing for information to reinforce your views or argument, it really is vital to keep away from employing doubtful content. For instance you better not base your complete standpoint on a health topic which ends up to be just a lengthy ad for a new meds; or a tech research which turns out to be advertising a new gadget.
  6. Academic theft. The following is the key requirement of writing papers. On no account, under any circumstance should you duplicate a third party research. Not only is it dishonorable, it's an intellectual theft and most likely leads of the record of things you should not do in every school scholarly guidelines. Universities and tutors will not tolerate plagiarism in any shape. When you finish your essay it is essential to wisely quote your resources and quotations to give proper reference where reference is due; even retelling someone's material can be regarded to be academic theft.
  7. Carelessness. Teachers detest hasty work. Rapidly stitched sentences, typing errors and partial analysis will never score a high grade. Shoddy academic essay writing is always visible to your tutor; being careful and elegant is the better way to go.
  8. Uncertain organization. Once you make certain that your paper presents a clear and explicit main argument, you have to make certain that your argument isn't obscured or even compromised by unclear organization within the paper itself. Organization refers always to the layout of your entire paper, involving section content and arrangement, along with the arrangement inside every chapter. The argument is more persuasive when you create it systematically, making sure that the diverse issues to your thesis are explained in the right sequence so that the reader can comprehend you easily. Notwithstanding the greatly scientific and complicated quality of the material, the best papers are straightforward and well-readable. Such trait relates primarily to structure.
  9. Too extensive or unfocused claim. Often, students try to undertake given topic excessively loosely, resulting in the essay focusing on an too general, uncentered argument or perhaps even worse, no new theory at all. Are you as the author going to present a remarkable and bold view? Is the essay going to be a crucial add-on to the body of existing research in your discipline? Your theory is supposed to be definite and adequately comprehensible to lead to an indisputable positive answer to all of these inquiries.

Traditionally, essays are assigned at some time throughout your educational process. It often gives feeling of a tough activity, although recognizing what mistakes to avoid and how to develop all the investigation methods should help you successfully finish a remarkable paper without any help with essay writing from anyone.


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